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Wigli A2 adjustable active chair 5 2
Wigli A2 adjustable active chair
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Height adjustable active seat

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Designer: Aad van Dommelen

With a Wigli you can prevent or even get rid of back trouble.

• Recommended by physiotherapists
• Frame made of steel tube, seat of solid beech
• Specially designed 22mm seat composed of three types of rubber



The flexible seat can move in all directions. Simply by keep­ing your­self in balance you bring your back in shape.



The Wigli A2 has an extra soft seat where it is most im­por­tant: under your sit bones.


The Wigli A2 adjustable active seat is suitable for people with a lower leg length between 40 and 58 cm (height ± 150-200 cm). The height can be easily adjusted.


Determine the length of your lower leg by sitting with your knee against the edge on a table. Then measure the distance from the table surface to the bottom of your heel.

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Wel-Zijn, praktijk natuurgeneeskunde -

ik zit nu een week op de wigli en ik merk dat de spieren in mijn rug al sterker worden.
de eerste week had ik iets meer last van mijn rug... die nu op de Wigli actief wordt aangesproken.
inmiddels kan ik al 4 uur achter elkaar met plezier zitten, met plezier omdat mijn bekken mag wiebelen ...
ik word er blij van. ook hoe hij eruit ziet.
een aanrader!

Coralia Jianu -

Absolutely great chair, I am very happy with my purchase! Very easy to use once you get used to it. Very good communication and quick dispatch.I could not recommend it more!

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