Ergonomic stool with felt seat cover - Wigli One


The Wigli One is an ergodynamic wobbly stool with a carriage of solid beechwood. The rotatable beechwood seat has a cover of natural Woolfelt

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The Wigli One is an ergonomic wobble stool made of steamed beech wood. The seat is inlaid with natural wool felt in three layers. This wool felt ensures that the seat does not close and breathes pleasantly.

The Wigli One is based on the idea of ​​active sitting. Because the seat wobbles, you have to keep yourself in balance. You constantly use back and abdominal muscles that are trained by this. But more importantly, the intervertebral vertebrae in the back are subject to varying loads. This allows these intervertebral vertebrae to recover better and prevents back pain from sitting still for a long time.

    The Wigli One is ideal for furnishing a home office. Due to the special Dutch design and the materials used, the Wigli fits well in any interior. The Wigli Wobble Stool is also relatively small and can be stored more easily when you don't need it.



Three times sustainable

The Wigli One with wool felt seat is three times durable:

  • Made from beech wood from European forests. Fallen trees are replanted.
  • natural rubber is used for the joint under the seat.
  • the Wigli One has a long lifespan

The Wigli One is ideal for setting up a home office. 
• Choice of colors Red or Blue-gray
• Recommended by physiotherapists
• Solid beech product, made in the Netherlands
• Specially composed seat of three layers of natural wool felt. This natural material breathes better and provides extra comfort.

Due to the special Dutch design and materials used, the Wigli fits well into any interior. The Wigli Wobble Stool is also relatively small, making it easier to store when you don't need it.

Why an ergodynamic stool instead of an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair offers plenty of support, adjustable backrests, armrests, and a lumbar support. As a result, your body relies on the support that the chair will provide. On a Wigli you do not get this support and you are encouraged to use your muscles in the abdomen and back. This is tiring, but this keeps your back flexible and builds a better condition.


The flexible seat can move in all directions. Simply by keep­ing your­self in balance you bring your back in shape.  

The Wigli W1 has an extra soft seat where it is most im­por­tant: under your sit bones.

The Wigli W1 is available in three heights: M, L and XL.
Choose the right size based on the length of your lower leg.

Size M: lower leg length of between 44 and 50 cm (body length ±165 to 180 cm)
Size L: lower leg length of between 50 and 54 cm (body length ±180 to 190 cm)
Size XL: lower leg length of between 54 and 58 cm (body length ±190 to 200 cm)


Determine the length of your lower leg by sitting with your knee against the edge on a table. Then measure the distance from the table surface to the bottom of your heel.

Designer: Aad van Dommelen


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Voor mijn tweede bureau ook een WIGLI stoel gekocht, heel fijn zitten. Ik merk dat ik mijn core train achter mijn bureau :-)


Heel blij mee!


Genialer Hocker, schnelle Lieferung!


Heerlijk wiebelen op een krukje. De eerste keer gaan zitten is wat gek, ga niet te ver achterover leunen, ik wil er ook een voor op kantoor!

Kay West

The Wigli has totally saved my lower back! Beautifully designed, the stool keeps my core muscles and hip flexors moving during long hours of computer work. Highly recommended!


super!! weg rugpijn :-)

Kees Klesman

zit geweldig!! hele bekken is voortdurend in beweging. voelt echt lichter in mn rug. Mooi ontworpen!

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