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Alphons Hesselmann, ondernemer achter  Wigli

In 2011, together with Aad van Dommelen, I developed a chair that keeps your body moving while you sit. This can prevent or reduce back problems.
Shortly afterwards, we received signals from education that this chair can also be very helpful for children with movement disorders or concentration problems. We developed the Wigli Junior for these children, which you now see in more and more schools.
~ Alphons Hesselmann ~

Wigli started in 2011 with the design and production of chairs for active sitting. With Wigli we want to make beautiful and durable products fot a healty body.

Wigli VOF is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 34128783.
VAT number NL 002 003 082 B76.

Zonnehorst 5
7207 BT Zutphen
telephone: + 31 85 888 9445

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