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How do you set up your home workplace?

How do you set up your home workplace?

Due to corona and the lockdown, more and more people are working from home. And it seems that working from home will become the 'new normal'. But how do you set up a good workplace at home?
At home, many people sit at the kitchen table or the dining room table. But  kitchen tables or dining room tables at home are usually a bit higher than the average office desk. And, unlike in the office, you usually can't adjust the height of these tables.

Preventing back and neck complaints

To prevent back and neck complaints, it is important to organize the workplace properly. Whether you sit on a regular office chair or on a wobbly stool.

To ensure that you sit properly on a wobbly stool from Wigli, here are some tips.

Start by determining your seat height (and only then the height of the table top).

Many people adjust their work chair based on the height of the table. Because if your table is high, you also want to sit a little higher. This is actually the wrong order. Because if you sit too high or too low (usually too high).

So start by determining the best seat height:

Ergonomists recommend that your upper leg be at a right angle (90°) to your lower leg. As shown in this drawing. The length of your lower leg then determines how high you should sit.
To determine the correct seat height, you can measure your lower leg by measuring the length from your heel to the back of your knee.

Take into account the shoes you wear. If you like to walk in high heels, you should count the length of the heel with the length of your lower leg. Otherwise, your knee will end up much higher, and the angle your lower leg makes with your upper leg will become smaller.

- if your lower leg is between 44 and 50 cm, we recommend a Wigli M (seat height 46 cm)
- if your lower leg is between 50 and 54 cm, we recommend a Wigli L (seat height 50 cm)
- if your lower leg is between 54 and 58 cm, we recommend a Wigli XL (seat height 53 cm)
The Wigli Just is adjustable and can be adjusted to all seat heights mentioned above.

Wigli's wobbly stools do not have a backrest or armrest. There's a reason for that. If you rely on a chair that supports you on all sides, the body becomes lazy and the muscles relax. By activating your body and minimizing support in a chair, your body becomes stronger and you can prevent back problems.

Do you have an office chair with a backrest?

Then secure the backrest and not too far back (preferably upright). Make sure that the hollow part of your lower back is well supported. And don't slump in your chair. Make sure you sit actively by not constantly using the backrest. Slide slightly forward on the seat so that your back is released from the backrest. Only use the backrest if you get tired. Then take an active position again so that your back does not touch the backrest.

Do you have an office chair with armrests?
Ergonomists recommend setting the armrests at the same height as the desk. The shoulders then hang down (relaxed) and form an angle of 90 degrees when you rest your hands on the work surface. Make sure that the shoulder is not pressed up by the armrests

Take a seat on a active Wigli

Wigli takes a slightly different approach to the support a chair or stool should provide.
The Wigli does not have armrests because they limit movement on the chair. It is precisely by removing the armrest that the body is activated. By sitting actively and moving more, complaints in the back, neck and shoulders will decrease.

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