Wiebelkruk Wigli Wood wiebelkruk Meisje op Wigli Wood Wackelhocker Wigli
Wiebelkruk Wigli Wood wiebelkruk Meisje op Wigli Wood Wackelhocker Wigli
Junior Wood Wobble Stool for children
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Height-adjustable wobble stool for children, with seat made of beech wood and rubber. Children with concentration problems (ADHD, ADD etc) can move freely on the Wigli so that they can concentrate bet
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Many children find it difficult to sit still. They want to move and constantly change their posture. Forced sitting still feels like they're stuck in a corset that limits freedom of movement.

A balance chair from Wigli offers children complete freedom of movement. Children with concentration problems are better able to get rid of their movement restlessness and they stay in their chair or stool longer. As a result, they will pay more attention to their work or the classroom teacher. And they will seek less distraction from children around them.
Active sitting also promotes the development of back and abdominal muscles.

The Wigli Junior wobbly stool is particularly suitable for education settings:
• Height adjustable in conformity with European standards for school furniture;
• The carriage is made of enamelled steel and stainless steel;
• Easily stowed on the desk (upside down).


Research in children with concentration problems

The use of the Wigli has been investigated by the Seminary for Special Needs Education. Researchers at the Seminary saw a markedly increased task orientation in children with concentration problems when they were on the Wigli. Read the full report here. (Dutch)

The Wigli Junior Sort Seat is particularly suitable for educational institutions:
• Height adjustable with the well-known color codes according to European standards for school furniture
• The base is made of enamelled steel and stainless steel;
• Rotatable seat of solid beechwood;
• Easy to store on the desk (upside down).

Schools can try the Wigli for free for a month. Click here for more information

Designer: Aad van Dommelen

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Katharina Schumann - 13-08-2020 10:17

Entdeckt- Gekauft und nun superglücklich. Meine Tochter hat sonst immer beim Turnen auf dem Boden gebastelt... nun hält sie es am Tisch aus. Ich bin begeistert. Eine noch leichtere Höhenverstellung wäre noch toll - wenn man den Stuhl für mehrere Kinder nutzen möchte.