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Wigli wobbly stool in the classroom

Children don't want to sit stil. Give the the ability to move on a Wigli

Wigli wobble stool in the classroom

Lot's of children have difficulties sitting still. They want to move, continuously change their posture and use their muscles. Sitting still for them feels like a corset that limits their movement.
The Wigli offers children freedom to move and improves an active posture. Active sitting helps children that have difficulties concentrating. Because of the freedom of movement, they can let go of their energy and this  helps them focus. Active sitting is helps the development of back muscles in back and abdomen.



Their research showed that children with concentration issues do benefit form using the Wigli. Teachers noticed a higher degree of task orientation with a large number of children. The teachers also noted that children sat down a their chair for longer periods and did not run around the classroom (as they would normally). The children themselves also noted that they had less problems concentrating and they enjoyed the movement the Wigli has to offer. Read the full report  (Dutch Only)
other studies:
– Journal Pediatric Physical Therapy.