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The Wigli is a sound product that helps alleviate back trouble as a result of performing seated work, or protects you from developing back trouble in the first place. A Wigli is no ordinary chair. Sitting on a Wigli is a wholly different experience. You should take your time to gradually get used to it, alternating with a normal chair at first.

If you nevertheless cannot get used to it, we offer the opportunity to return the Wigli to us within one month. If we receive the Wigli within this period and without any damage, we will simply return your money!


How does it work?

Keep the box and packing materials in a safe place. You can use this to pack the Wigli properly for its return journey. Download the return form and send it completed to us, by post or by e-mail ( When we receive the Wigli undamaged, we will transfer the money to your account within two weeks.
This offer applies to purchases made through this site only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.